Friday, 8 June 2012

An update from the city of Fox Glacier

We are in the big city of Fox Glacier for the day.. made it as far as Bruce Bay where we have spent the week in the luxury of KT's dads pad on the tranquil Willigans Island.  KT has officially joined the team as our 'Landing Analyst and Ground Specialist' which has been awesome.

The seas haven't been too ideal and we are not really sure when we will get a break to head north.. 4m swells with no sheltered landings could make for a good read! Depending on the swells we might make a break for Gillespies Beach near Fox tomorrow.. gotta love the west coast weather!

Here's a few pics from the last week- most of it we spent on land.. enjoy :)

The Tasman Sea pounding the West Coast.. we stayed on land..

Haast Beach surf on a good day, anyone keen?

Taking on the Tasman Sea- KT took this picture of us from Knights Point Lookout, north of Haast

Our palace at Willigans Island, Bruce Bay

Candle lit dinner in paradise

Bruce Bay

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