Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's finally time for us to get out of here!! We're heading into Milford tomorrow morning and paddling out to Anita Bay, before riding the SW swells and winds north to Big Bay on Saturday.  If all is going well, we should be in Jackson's Bay before things turn NW.  We've posted the forecast for anyone that's interested, and also as a log for ourselves.  It will be a while until we will be able to update our blog, probably not until we get to Greymouth.  So fingers crossed for calm seas and sun!

*** GALE WARNING IN FORCE ***Southwest 25 knots rising to 35 knots this afternoon, then easing to to 25 knots Friday evening. Sea becoming very rough for a time. Southwest swell rising to 6 metres. Poor visibility in rain, some heavy, clearing Friday afternoon.

Outlook following 3 days: Southwest easing Saturday morning 15 knots, tending Saturday night northwest 15 knots. Change Sunday southwest 20 knots, tending Monday northwest 15 knots. Rough sea and a heavy southwest swell, easing Saturday.

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